AudioPLUS v.2.00

AudioPLUS v.2.00

A complete audio player that opens any MP3, MP2, ATX, and WAV files
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KudrSoft’s AudioPLUS is a complete audio player that opens any MP3, MP2, and WAV files or sets of files. It also supports M3U, and LST playlists, and includes a practical editor that will allow you to create and save your own playlists. With its complete equalizer, you can also create your own collection of settings that you can then save in EQ files for later use.

This audio player is a set of three modules – a File Player, an Equalizer, and a Compact Control Panel. The first two offer you all the information you need to know about the files that are playing and the settings being used, while the last one is a small control unit with the basic buttons you need to open and play individual audio files and playlists. You can show and hide each of them individually, according to your preferred desktop configuration.

The File Player will show you the active track and the ID tags associated with it. Its complete interface will also show you basic technical information about the file, such as the layer used when encoded, the bit rate, the track’s length, the time elapsed, and so on. The Equalizer allows you to adjust ten different frequencies between a -20dB and a +20dB range. If you wish to have different settings for different types of music, AudioPLUS will let you save an unlimited number of frequency curves. Finally, the Compact Control Panel is the perfect tool for those who need all the space their desktop can offer. This small panel includes all the basic functionality to open and play your music without sacrificing valuable workspace.

Its playlist editor (available only from the File Player) will let you select your favorite tracks from different folders and create your own list of tunes. Both M3U and LST files are supported.

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